Treating ourselves right should always be a top priority. And yet, it slips down the list all too easily. The thing to remember is that sometimes we all have to make time to take time. Setting aside brief respites in the day for self-reflection, thinking things through, and planning your next move can do a lot to relieve stress in the short term. That’s often when the best solutions come to the surface.

Hi, I’m Rena Blais, owner of Rejuvenation Spa. If you’re of the mind you deserve a little pampering, we’ve got your body covered, literally! Our Crepe-No-More De-Aging Body Wrap is a forty-minute treasure, complete with fruit seed extract for superb skin softening and much more. The top of our list also includes infrared saunas for natural healing, overall wellness, and bringing yourself back into balance (now just $25 for 30 minutes).

My top five also include making the extra effort to eat right. Sometimes you eat food, other times, the food eats you—I’m thinking fried foods, here. Just as importantly, I try to avoid wasting time fearing any potential future concern in the present moment. Like most, I find getting the right amount of sleep is elusive, but not impossible. Limiting what’s on your “to-do” list should also be at the top of your list—to do!

Lastly, the way others see us isn’t nearly as important as the way we see ourselves. Three steps in 30 minutes can give you the best skin of your life—a HydraFacial MD treatment at Rejuvenation Spa is the place to start.

The only expectation you need to meet is your own.
The only expectation we need to meet is yours.
Book a visit today and put us to the test!

– Rena Blais, Owner 

Celebrating International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022! Browse our full services menu HERE

A Holiday more than 100 Years in the Making!

The third month of every year is Women’s History Month. The perfect time to honor the social, economic and political achievements of women with a little independence of your own making. Rejuvenation Spa can set you up with an anti-aging Stem Cell Facial, plus your choice of any massage therapy or waxing service treatment.

Turning back the clock (and dialing down blood pressure) for Heart Health Month in February*! There are only a few days left in February, but there’s still time to get a good 60-minute Relaxation Massage in and booked on our calendar. Studies show deep-tissue massage has proven to lower blood pressure as well as heart rate. That’s good enough for us if it’s good enough for you!