“BRRRR, heavy blanket time is here!”

Even though it comes and goes, there are those mornings when you wake up in Florida and wonder if you’re still in the same state. Thankfully, not all that many of them. But they do serve as reminders that keeping our skin looking bright and beautiful takes a little extra effort during the winter months.

That goes double if one of your New Year’s resolutions is working more exercise into your routine or recommitting yourself to eating healthier all the way around. Both are great goals to aim for, but the doing comes at a price. Sometimes, well above the payment terms of the latest Peloton, especially if you overdo it right out of the box.

Those pulled muscles are never virtual injuries!

Here at Rejuvenation Spa, we’ve got great news for those who have decided to make January the month to start fresh. Now is the perfect time to put self-care at the top of your list and book appointments to ease those sore muscles and rehydrate that dry skin.

On one hand, our massage and infrared sauna treatments have been proven to support strong immune system and overall circulation health, while relieving stress and improving posture. On the other, our gentle, moisture-rich exfoliating products and skin-cleansing services can help you weather the chilly sunrises and sunsets with a much warmer smile, as well as a scarf!

Just as importantly, even though the trips to the beach might become a little less frequent, that’s no reason to think any less about protecting your skin from sun damage. Erika Seigel, one of our premier specialist estheticians, says that wearing a good SPF daily is essential in mitigating damage from the cold, as well as to fend-off against the premature signs of aging.

The cold air can really zap your skin of moisture, which can exacerbate issues like flaking, dryness, and even excessive oily skin. So, she recommends exfoliating once-a-week to get rid of the buildup of dead skin and refreshing. Even better, she’s hear to help make a difference, as are all of our team members.

So, if you plan to focus on living and eating healthier through the rest of the winter and beyond, I’d like you to consider making Rejuvenation Spa part of your plans. Click HERE for a direct link to our services menu, and book your next appointment (or, your first one) today.

We’ll help you shake off the cold and take better care of the “new you” in progress.

That’s our resolution, and we’re sticking to it, every season of the year!